Anti-Grease Cleaning Rag Fish Scale Wipes

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---Decontamination and heat insulation are equally outstanding. With it, you no longer have to worry about the kitchen tiles and countertops being cleaned not thoroughly enough, leaving stubborn oil stains nowhere to be conformed

---Powerful cleaning does not damage equipment

---General stains can be easily wiped off with soft microfiber

---No fading, no swarf, environmentally friendly printing and dyeing, no dyeing troubles, firm and firm loops, no fuzz and lint

---Super absorbent, soft to the touch, super absorbent, leaving no water marks after rubbing, soft, comfortable and not hurting hands

---Abundant foaming, decontamination and many functions are integrated, practical and convenient

---Anti-scalding and heat insulation

---Product name: Hangable microfiber wipes

---Size: 30* 30cm, 

---Color: solid colo

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